Boat + Camping Soap

An organic concentrated all-purpose cleaner safe for all washable surfaces. The "deck to dishes" formula is an organic proprietor blend of castle soap and certified organic essential oils that deep clean yet are gentle on the environment. Boat + Camping Soap is a responsible alternative to cleaning with harsh detergents that are unhealthy and destroy our environment. 


Boat + Camping Soap is so safe you can clean your dishes yet tough enough to cut through dirt and grease on boats and is recommended to use on canvas and vinyl. This eco-friendly, bio-degradable product is designed to encourage a better way of living and supports clean toxic-free gray water and gentle on our lakes and rivers.


Uses: An amazing soap that is a perfect on all boat surfaces including canvas and vinyl. A convenient way to keep it simple with just one product that can do so many other cleaning tasks. Boat + Camping Soap was originally designed to be user friendly when I went boat camping. It is easy to pack one bottle and have all you need to clean your boat, your dishes your clothes and yourself! Think about it. A very clean soap that is biodegradable and can safely accomplish cleaning all your washable interior and exterior surfaces. I use a proprietor blend of castile soap combined with plant based ingredients and other natural solvents as a perfect non-toxic alternative. Boat + Camping Soap is made with basic ingredients that deep clean and known to be gentle on the environment.


Packaged in one 2oz cobalt blue bottle with flip lid.

Ingredients: Proprietors’ blend, castile soap, spruce essential oil, other essential oils