Blue Feather Organics...the story


It all started out very simply. I was cleaning a boat moored at Lake Sonoma. The boat cleaners were so strong it literally took my breath away. I started researching organic soaps and cleaners recipes and experimented with ingredients that are safe for rivers and lakes.

In that process, I started out experimenting with essential oils and found some to be very calming, some lifted my spirit, some gave me energy. All were healing and all actually useful for cleaning. This journey led me into learning about running a small business.  Through the years I experimented with selling at Shelton's Health Food Store in Healdsburg, Lake Sonoma Marina, the Steele Head Festival, Empire Boat and RV Storage, the Healdsburg Farmers Market, the Qunicy Farmers Market and on Etsy. I am passionate about my story and the evolution of Blue Feather


One of my first products, an all purpose Boat Soap "deck to dishes" formula you can wash your deck or dishes. The Blue Feather Organics product line includes Lemon Glass Cleaner, All Purpose Tea Tree Lavender Cleaner, Tea Tree Cleaner, Lemon Wood Cleaner, Tea Tree Lavender Hand Soap, Bug Be Gone Repellant, Lavender Mist Spray, Tangerine Dream Healing Salve, Lavender Body + Massage Lotion, Hand Crafted Bar Soaps, Healing Flower +  Bees Wax Candles.






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